How to promote a YouTube channel on social media

Do you have your own YouTube blog? Do you want more subscribers, and have clearly decided for yourself that it is time to promote your project in social networks? If so, then this checklist is for you.

Let’s start with the fact that nowadays they advertise anything through social networks. From food to sex toys. So, your YouTube channel is also a product. You sell information, pictures, your unique content, your vision of the world through the prism of your perception.

If you plan buy subscribers, you can do it on the website.

There is no product that does not need advertising. We will not describe why you need to choose social networks. If you clicked on this article, then this already suggests that you are thinking about promotion in social networks. We’ll just share with you some tips on how to promote your YouTube channel.

Now go ahead!

Preparing for promotion

Analyze your competitors

Before you start promoting your channel, you need to look at what and how your niche competitors are publishing. For example, if you are an autoblogger, then you need to look at the social media accounts of such opinion leaders as Davidich (sorry), AcademeG and other famous vloggers who work by autotheme. Look at what platforms they are advertised on, what tools and creatives they use for this, and what audience they attract. Which formulas for texts are chosen — AIDA, PMPHS or others. It can help you figure out how to promote your YouTube channel in your accounts and communities.

Analyze your social media accounts

If your posts on social networks do not arouse interest among the audience, then this is unlikely to be a good ad for a video blog. Nicely and interestingly designed accounts and communities are cheaper to promote.

Prepare a content plan

Prepare a content plan for your account or community. Decide what types of content you will post on your social media. You can find out about the types of content in our case. How to create an effective content plan can be found in our article here.

Optimize your channel

Make your channel as convenient and optimized as possible.

Post new videos regularly.

Customize your video titles to suit the needs of your target audience.

Make sure that the description of both the channel itself and the video on it convey the essence in a short and clear way.

Add keywords to your video titles and descriptions because search engines rely on keywords when determining the relevance of a video.
Make a logo or brand badge for the channel — you can use it on social media to improve the visibility of your product.
Be sure to add links to your accounts or communities in social networks.
Think carefully about your channel structure. If you have already accumulated enough videos, group them by playlists to increase the reach of your channel’s subscribers — you will be able to appear in the search by playlists.

Don’t miss important details:

Add your videos from YouTube to community video albums, and you do not need to download them separately, but rather add from a video hosting site.
Add the link to subscribe to the channel to groups and accounts in social networks.
Do not forget! A channel link and a channel subscribe link are two different things!